Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Finally, I read something from John Edwards:

"While George Bush calls for more tax cuts for the wealthy, Oklahomans and the rest of America suffer," said Senator Edwards. "Behind every lost job and every new statistic, there's a man in Alva worried about how he's going to pay for his son's education and a woman in Edmond spending her savings to pay for her mother's healthcare. We are facing real problems today and unfortunately, this president doesn't even see it, much less understand how to solve it."

"George Bush has promised 'prosperity to every forgotten corner of this country,' but here's his record: $400 billion in lost retirement savings. $4.5 trillion in stock market losses. A $400 billion deficit. This country has lost over 2.6 million jobs and the unemployment rate jumped 5.8 percent in March to 6.0 percent in April," added Edwards. "Since the beginning of the Bush administration, Oklahoma has lost nearly 28,000 jobs. Americans deserve better than this - they deserve a strong economy, a chance to work hard, and a chance to get ahead."

I’m a supporter of Edwards, but I was wondering if he had fallen off the face of the Earth….