Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Everybody seems to be talking about this except the Democrats running for President:

Everything is going wrong at once in the Middle East. Al-Qaida is back with a vengeance, killing at least 90 people with near-simultaneous strikes at three Western targets in the Saudi capital.

The latest terrorist attack was timed to greet U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was flying in from another setback in Israel. The "road map" to peace is getting nowhere, as the Israeli government has so far declined formally to accept it. The Bush administration's hopes that victory in Iraq would lead to a new sense of Israeli confidence and Palestinian realism are crumbling by the hour.

Worst of all, the first month of liberation in Iraq has been wasted. A cholera epidemic is about to break out in the southern city of Basra. The capital of Baghdad is more dangerous today than at any time since the closing battles of the war. Hospitals are deliberately burned to provide cover for gangs of looters to steal nearby cars. Aid workers dare not leave their compounds.

There is really not much excuse for the Anglo-American failure to impose law and order in Baghdad, to get the power and water supplies running properly again and to start offering anything that might look like hope to the Iraqis. They had long enough to plan for the post-war challenge, and everybody knew how important it would be.

Where is the outrage? Why isn't anyone from the Dems confronting the Chimp over this? Has the Democratic Party no balls at all????