Tuesday, May 13, 2003

As always, it was good to talk with my friend Cabbagehead today. She's the one to the left of the bear. The chick to the right can be found here. It had been a while since we had chatted and we got a chance to catch up on some old business and some new. Cabs is into sculpting clay faces and I have a couple examples of her work perched proudly on my work desk. She’s also an astrologer of sorts, but she needs to get off that message board at the always unreliable N54 and get herself an honest-to-goodness blog. They’re free, hon.

OK so she’s kinda new at this whole blogosphere thingy, so I thought I’d help her along a little. She hasn’t had the time to surf all thru my expanding bloglist, so to dispel the rumor that all I do is read the blogs of those godless liberals, I thought I’d give her a fast overview of what’s out there, from the right and left.

On the right is Andrew Sullivan, one of the better writers out there, whether you agree with him or not. Little Green Footballs is a righty too. For the left side, try the consistantly interesting Left Coaster and for your anti-Bush fix there is none better than BartCop. For the sensible liberal Calpundit spins from Southern California, plus he’s a hockey and Mighty Ducks fan too.

Everyone’s daily read should include The Daily Howler and the blogfather hisself, Instapundit. Probably the best daily read is Lileks, who has the ability to make bread toasting sound exciting. I read Working For Change once or twice a week.

As far as flat out great writing Mean Mr. Mustard is as good as any, and I've discovered Blah3 over the last couple days.

There are many more, but this ought to get you started, Cabs. Start a blog, do it today!