Monday, August 02, 2004

Net Voices

SamuelJohnson: "This election is about President Bush," said Bill Kristol, an official in the previous Reagan and Bush administrations and now editor of the Weekly Standard. "It's his re-election, he's got to make the case for himself. He's entitled to criticize John Kerry, but John Kerry is more qualified to be president than Jimmy Carter was after four years as governor of Georgia and, arguably, than George W. Bush was after six years as governor of Texas."

Fiat Lux: Now I'm still willing to believe that our law enforcement agencies are sincerely trying to find and stop terrorists. But it would help me and I think a lot of other citizens be less cynical about the whole thing if we saw or heard more than just vague threat announcements ever so often. I'm not an expert on how terrorists get busted, but it seems to me that if our law enforcement services know enough about domestic plots to be able to provide warnings about specific times and places, they should know enough about who is doing the planning to make some arrests and make some cases in court (hint - Jose Padilla doesn't count). It also doesn't help credibility when the government can't even produce an accurate report on how many terror attacks have occurred recently.