Saturday, July 31, 2004

Saturday skim

The Dark Window has discovered Amber in Seb's closet and it ain't pretty:

What is “divisive” about taking out someone like Saddam Hussein? Let me explain the war in simple terms, understandable to the left: Saddam Hussein was a bad man, we are at war with an entire culture that wants us destroyed, and taking him out can do nothing but good. There is nothing about this that is too terrible.

Amy Goodman: I think the mainstream media is a misnomer, because the mainstream media doesn’t represent the mainstream. The mainstream media represents a tiny minority elite, and I am not talking about people of color. I am talking about government officials, corporate executives, generals and their underlings, who beat the drums for war and beat the drums for the establishment. That does not reflect America. And what we need is to break the sound barrier, making our own media but also challenging them. We are not the only ones using the public airwaves. They are using them too, and they have a responsibility to present the full diversity of voices in this country.
Our next President, chillin':