Thursday, July 29, 2004

You want fries with that?

Tom DeLay has tiny vapors :

A super-sized Statue of Liberty, holding aloft an order of french fries, is adorning food tray liners in Subway restaurants across Germany. And House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land, is angry enough about it to lose his lunch.

The ad in German, whose headline translates as "Why are Americans so fat?" is a promotional tie-in to the movie Super Size Me, director Morgan Spurlock's take on life in the fast-food lane.

In his award-winning documentary, the American filmmaker eats nothing but McDonald's Quarter Pounders, Egg McMuffins and the like for 30 days, gaining 25 pounds and reportedly risking his health.
"I guess for some companies, corporate patriotism is as flexible as Jared's waistline," DeLay said. DeLay objected to the ad's parody of the Statue of Liberty, "one of the most recognizable American symbols."

And he complained about the flier including a quote from filmmaker and "pathological partisan" Michael Moore, whose anti-Bush diatribe Fahrenheit 9/11 has become the Democrats' choice for best picture. Moore is quoted as saying, "The only time I have been scared for my life has been going through a McDonald's drive-through."

Subway officials point out that the prime images on the tray liners — the goateed, fry-stuffing madman and the Rubenesque Lady Liberty — were both borrowed directly from the movie promotions running in Germany.

Fat Americans? I'm stunned and I'm one of them!!

"This is every bad stereotype about corporate America come true," Tommy lectures us. I can't even begin to start trying to explain the irony in that statement.

UPDATE: SadlyNo! has more on this threat to our national icons.

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