Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Yeah but what about Kerry's people?

Hullabaloo points us to one of JK's advisers: Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy:  
Kennedy was a real breath of fresh air, and clearly a truly progressive thinker. She first spoke about how one flaw in government we can fix with Kerry is how we come to decisions. Usually this process is crisis-driven.We need a much more sophisticated process that is more "granular" and shaded. Echoing Clark a bit, she spoke of the RAMP (Relevance of American Military Report), which clearly suggested we need some kind of "hand off" after military action, whether to the State Department or other agencies. The military is neither resourced nor trained to do these things, and often the military solution is not the appropriate first step. Finally, she explained how we understand hardware very well but not what Joseph Nye called the "soft elements of power"--abstract ways of mapping out the world (like, say, how receptive other countries are to our ideas) instead of counting weapons systems. She also, thankfully, said she felt it was unhelpful to use the "war on X" language,and that we needed to develop new vocabulary. She also stressed that we need to expand the notion of national security to include education, health care, the economy (both ours and the "bad guys'"), etc. Oh ... and she said we should invite a greater range of voices, not just the boardrooms of the defense contractors. This is a beautiful woman (both intellectually and physically), and I am so glad she is one of Kerry's military advisors.
Oh and BTW she's a pretty smart cookie, makin the big bucks out on the lecture circuit:  

Kennedy graduated from Southwestern College-now Rhodes College-in Memphis, Tennessee and was commissioned a second lieutenant in 1969 through the Women's Army Corps. She served as deputy commander of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and assistant commandant of the U.S. Army Intelligence School, both in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Kennedy was also director for intelligence of the U.S. Forces Command in Fort McPherson, Georgia.

Her army service has taken her to Germany, Texas, and Hawaii, where she held several command and staff positions. These include stints as commander of the 3rd Operations Battalion at the U.S. Army Field Station in Augsburg, Germany, commander at the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion, and commander of the 703rd Military Intelligence Brigade in Kunia, Hawaii. In July 1995, Kennedy was appointed the Army's assistant deputy chief of staff for intelligence, a position she held until her 1997 promotion to deputy chief of staff.

Fee Range: $15,001 - $20,000     Traveling From: District of Columbia