Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Generation 9/11

 The lady can write some:

That said, beyond the (very nice and very much appreciated) extra gifts youth delegates received at the convention (a FCUK –French Connection t-shirt and a copy of Primarily New Hampshire ) there doesn’t seem to be much of substance for youth to participate in. Yes, there are youth caucuses, but from reports, they tend to be “warm and fuzzy” events, with no voting on youth issues by youth delegates.

What about the deficit? What about the crisis in American higher education? What about the most economically disadvantaged of our generation being heavily targeted by the military? What about youth health care issues? And what about the environment we are inheriting? Young Americans have inherited an extraordinary country with exceptional freedoms (compared with, say, our peers in Iran or Saudi Arabia), but with these blessings, we have inherited an uncertain future with looming crises. What are we, as young Democrats doing to prepare for our future?

In other, lighter notes, I met Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. today and thanked him for endorsing Dean and heading into Iowa in the cold days of January to speak on behalf of DFA. I was also interviewed by MTV and featured in the Seattle PI yesterday. I was interviewed on the convention floor by “All Things Considered on NPR.” The MTV and ATC bits may be airing today, July 28th.

Smart too. She considers meeting Jesse on a "lighter note".