Wednesday, July 28, 2004

What's shakin'...

Who's saying what this morning.
Jesse: But Hewitt's just being totally ridiculous here - Drudge is a Republican attack dog. A beast, a machine, a doomsday device. The only excuse he needs to talk about the story is the fact that it involves a Democrat.

greg: Last night Bill Clinton gave one of the most effective anti-Bush speeches I've ever heard. The Republican response? That John Kerry looks stupid.

Joseph: We'd be better off with a troop of Girl Scouts in our coalition than a 51-member outfit that is going to cut and run at the first sign of danger to one of its citizens.

Joho: Barack Obama: The good news for Hillary is that she might get State Department when Obama is President in 2012.

Roy: Mrs. Heinz-Kerry: Reminds me of a late Ingrid Bergman character, faint and unmodulated of speech but strong, nay, steely of conviction. Not very personable, which I consider a plus in the First Lady department. Most others probably don't, but who cares what they would think if they were listening (and they aren't)?