Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Nothing to see here...

Here's a charming story from young Chimpys' past:
Other documents in the Bush files provide additional evidence that the training that Bush was paid for in Alabama was never properly authorized. And the statements made by officers of the Alabama Air National Guard also confirm that Bush did not get the authorization necessary from Alabama for him to be paid and credited with training.

Finally, the White House has never released any of the paperwork that could show that this training was approved in advance, or that the training was actually accomplished. Additional circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that none of the training done in Alabama was properly authorized. When the evidence is considered as a whole, the obvious conclusion is that this paperwork never existed, and that Bush was paid for training that he never performed.
So on top of being incompetent, Bush is also a fraud. This is a story that won't go away, nor is anybody likely to care about it. If there was some sex involved Corporate News would be on it like hair on a gorilla...