Monday, July 26, 2004

Rude and right...

If you can handle the profanity and the un-PC of the whole blog The Rude Pundit very often gets it just right:
So, like, when you hear the words "bipartisan" and "unanimous" in reference to the 9/11 Commission report, are you just ready to beat your head against the wall until you fall into the sweet sleep of concussion?  Are you ready to try to gnaw off your own arm, held, as you are, in the teeth of a bear trap of logical fallacy?  'Cause, like, when you read articles like this one, which discusses how the commission avoided making any judgements about the "wisdom" of invading Iraq in order to have a "unanimous" report, you know what the real truth is: the Democrats on the committee punked out - they rolled over and let the Republicans have their way with them.   Good prison punks always know that most of the time it's best to just bite the pillow and hope all the anal fucking is over quickly.  If you fight, you might end up getting beaten and fucked.  So just get fucked and deal with the sore rectum rather than the broken bones.