Monday, July 26, 2004

Progressive Oregonians...

In my surfings around the Web I occasionally run into some homegrown who are bloggin' the Convention:
I had the good fortune of riding on the plane with Governor Barbara Roberts, who told me stories of Convention's past and made it very clear that you can't do all the things that you think you're going to do. Speaking of things, the sheer volume of mail and email invitations and the many packets of events and organizations and trainings and whatnot is simply overwhelming. Piles of mail. So far, the "find somone interesting and follow them" theory has been working really well for me.

Last night we went to a DNC staff only reception at King's bowling alley (yeah, I know I'm not staff). Picture red neon on the lanes, a neauvou-retro feel, and a bartendress with a T that says "bowlers make better lovers." Security was tight - the conversation went something like this: big man in black shirt, "hey, can I see your credentials," me, "oh, we were just in there," him,"ok, go ahead." The room was packed as America's brightest young politicos did their best impression of a frat party.
Just can't have enough NW bloggers...