Monday, July 26, 2004

Like I need another good reason...

I agree with James over at Left End of the Dial that the World Without BushCo would be a better place:

I would be happy if Kerry does any of the following:

-Kick out every current member of the current White House. That includes Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, ASHCROFT etc.. safe bet

-Make nice with the rest of the world and work to get the people that should be our friends to stop hating our guts because we're acting like a bunch of paranoid idiots.

-Give the religious right, who have wet dreams of dropping a nuclear bomb on the Arabs and starting a holy war, the big middle finger and a swift kick out the back door of the White House. Special kudos for telling Robertson to "fook off!"

-Kill the whole "we'll save Social Security by giving all our money to Wall Street" scam, and actually re-introduce the concept of responsible spending

...Assuming that Kerry will have to at least do the first one, I think its pretty obvious that I would be happier with him in the White House and the current gang of liars and thieves safely back in the corporate world...My idea is that FIRST, we return to where we were, crooked politics WITHOUT the lunacy, and work up from there.
The man was pretty low on my list of preferred candidates (though I would have been even more irritated at a Lieberman nomination), and I am gathering that his approach to foreign affairs will be too hawkish for my comfort, but at least he's not a fanatic and is highly unlikely to further strain our military on ill-conceived ideologically-addled ventures such as a war with Iran (the "peace prez" henchmen are already sounding the war drums). Given the mess Bu$hCo has made both at home and abroad, Kerry and his inner circle could be thoroughly mediocre and look comparatively like they are walking on water. I'll take sane crooks over insane crooks any day. It's a start.

I can round up a hundred million people in this country who might agree with this, and probably another 4 billion folks we have to learn to live with.