Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bon Voyage

Meet Helen and Graham:

I’ve been lucky in my travels to have met some great folks along the way. I met HG on
Ko Pu Thailand last February, hung out with them on that beach for about 15 days then time ran out and I had to come home when my holiday ended mid-March. Yeah and I was bummin pretty bad about that too.
We all were having a pretty good time in SThailand and I just didn’t want to come home. The water on Ko Pu was warm and clear snorkelingsnorkeling the beaches were hot…the food was HOT and cheap. The place I stayed at, Ting Rai Resort, was only three months old, hadn’t really had time for the staff to gel, and had a thoroughly enjoyable Fawlty Towers-ish feel to it. Service was sketchy at times and the snakes and flying reptiles were everywhere (sounds awful, but pretty typical for jungle huts in SThai) everybody was friendly and the food was unbelieveable, good weed, bikini's abounding, all cheapcheap. We played Jenga every night fer chrissakes.
Big fun. I go every year.

This year I went home and HG took off to Vietnam at the end of March, spent a few weeks up North with some UK friends, exited VN north into China, spent a month traveling around. Flew to Austrailia…spent a month in
Cairns…..a few weeks in Malaysia…......back to Bangkok.  Ho hum I hate these people.  
HG have to return to England soon. All the moneys' gone and they have to go back to their real jobs where they'll work for a couple years, save every quid and take off mindlessly traveling for another year like they did last July. 
They've been everywhere. They have figured it out.