Monday, June 23, 2003

Just kinda stumbled into this today. Jude Wanniski, WorldNetDaily columnst, president of Polyconomics, and one of the leading political economists in the United States has some interesting things to say about that yellow cake the Chimp-in-Chief claimed Iraq was using to rebuild it's nuclear program:

Memo: To Sen. Robert Byrd [D WV]
From Jude Wanniski
Re: It Gets Worse

As long as the Senate is going to investigate the CIA’s assessments of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, Senator, you might suggest some questions about the CIA’s capabilities in understanding nuclear weapons. When I first heard the story about how Saddam Hussein was trying to buy uranium from Niger I thought it couldn’t be true. The only reason he would be trying to acquire fissile material would be for use in a nuclear weapons program, and it has been clear for years and years that Saddam abandoned the program when his own efforts to manufacture highly-enriched uranium (HEU) fizzled.

Even before the International Atomic Energy Agency found that the CIA report on the Niger “yellowcake” sale relied on obviously forged documents, it had to be puzzled as to what Iraq would do with it, as all the facilities Iraq had for trying to make a nuke had been dismantled under IAEA supervision. It is easy enough for some of your fellow Senators to say he could have reconstituted his nuke program once the inspectors were gone, but that is false. Any dim bulb at the CIA would have known of the IAEA’s new protocols of perpetual inspections that Iraq would have to submit to under any circumstances.

The reason I know so much about all this, Senator, is that I have for years relied for all my information regarding nuclear weapons on a nuclear physicist named Gordon Prather. You’ve never heard of him, I’m sure, although he occasionally writes for The Washington Times and also for But you know Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico, of course, and Senator Domenici was Dr. Prather’s patron years ago, having first met him when he was a nuclear weapons designer in New Mexico at the Sandia Corp. Domenici helped Gordon get an appointment to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the Nixon and Ford administrations. From there, Gordon worked for Sen. Henry Bellmon of Oklahoma on energy matters. He then served in the Reagan administration as the Army’s chief scientist. The Senate Intelligence Committee would find him a valuable source of information and knowledge, of the kind I think may be lacking at the CIA and is certainly lacking in Congress. There is nobody with his skills on any congressional staff, of either party.

Did I mentiuon that he's also an insider? And a confirmed Conservative?

He also has nice things to say in a "memo" he wrote to Howard Dean today:

To tell you the truth, Dr. Dean, when I first heard of the possibility you would run for the Democratic presidential nomination I did not take it seriously. That’s not because you are a relatively unknown ex-governor from Vermont, a small state. You can easily overcome that problem. It’s because the little bits and pieces about you that got through to me in the news media seemed to add up to an eccentricity that would not wear well in the Democratic primaries.

The reason I’ve decided you are a very serious contender is because I watched Tim Russert interview you yesterday morning on Meet the Press. And the reason I decided to watch the whole hour of the interview is that Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group said she thought you had a 70% or 80% chance of winning the Democratic presidential nomination. If she saw that in you, I knew there had to be something there, and she is certainly right. I like the way you think and the way you express yourself cleanly, without reaching into the back of your head for some programmed response. You actually persuaded me that your opposition to parental notification made some sense in context, that your mixed views on gun control also made sense in context and that your support of capital punishment has taken place over a decade of agonizing, and that it is a position I can agree with. You were most impressive in your foreign policy views, with an extremely well-thought-out philosophy that stresses diplomacy over force, the exact opposite of the Bush Doctrine.

If this guy isn't brilliant, nobody is. Spend some time and cruise thru his entire writings. Find wonderous things....