Monday, June 23, 2003

If you're the Chimp-in-Chief you can lie your ass off and nobody cares:

And now we have the Bush Administration, which never met a fact it couldn't embellish, or, in the absence of supporting facts, simply invent. Lying about, well, virtually everything is a staple of politicians, but the Bush cabal has taken it to a new level of bald misstatement. And as we're seeing with the phantom weapons of mass destruction, this crowd responds to inconvenient realities like a five-year-old confronted with the non-existence of the Easter Bunny. "Does not," the world explained. "Does so!," the White House spokesman exclaimed.

Only 12 days ago, we learned from the President of the United States that the United States had, in fact, found Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The "find" was already known to be two trailers, which the Iraqis claimed (and the evidence seemed to confirm) were used for launching weather balloons. The White House's logic was that such trailers could be used to house a mobile lab for banned weapons. The lack of any supporting evidence whatsoever that they were used for such a purpose -- such as weaponry itself, corroborating intelligence from years worth of satellite monitoring, any of the dozens of people who would need to work in such a lab, any of the (extensive) necessary equipment, or the unavoidable trace elements that would have been left behind, and so on -- made no difference. It was like claiming that the FBI uncovered an Al-Qaeda plot to blow up a federal building, because someone found an abandoned Ryder truck.