Monday, June 23, 2003

Just got back from the Howard Dean meeting in downtown Bend. About 35 people showed up, and we watched Dr. Dean's speach from this morning (see below). It was a short meeting, basically just a get-together to sign up for the campaign.

I did meet a few interesting people. One, Anne Philiben , is a political activist and was a nurse on Vietnam and a very interesting woman.

This would be her website.

So, did I know that? The lady who cleans your teeth, Barb, happens to be my girlfriend of the past 21 years. Small world?

Anyway, check out the links to the right and get started exploring the blogisphere. Buzzflash is a good place for lefty news. Calpundit is very good. Eschaton and Kos have good links to news items and analysis. The Whiskey Bar has humor and good drinks. Working for Change has the writers.

Hell just cruise thru the entire list and have fun.

Nice meeting you. See you Wednesday night....