Thursday, May 22, 2003

Men are pigs. It’s true….

My girlfriend has been following this whole American Idol thing and she forced me to watch the final last night. Now, I don’t give a rats tookus about reality TV as I find the reality of just living day-to-day exciting enough, but being the consummate good-guy boyfriend, I relented.

Well I just wasn’t going to sit there for two whole hours and watch those two warbling bozos sing ad nauseum and since I wasn’t going to feel the same tension rising as a prepubescent girl might, I spent my time commuting back and forth between the backyard smoking cigarettes, the computer checking out the blogs and the ice hockey board I admin, and the futon in front of the TV.

I was bored with the whole thing after about 10 minutes and didn’t care who won anyway so about 9 o’clock (midnight on the east coast where the contest was already over) I strolled on over to one of the message boards I lurk at to see, ya know, like who won.

Lo and behold! The WINNER was the black dude.

Sooooooo I keep this little piece of information to myself and go back into the living room and start an argument with The Goddess as to who is going to win, and did she want to place a small wager on the outcome? She had been saying all night long that twerp white guy was going to win because he was soooooo much better and soooooo cute and sure, she’d bet me.

LOL so we bet a full on steak dinner for tonight and the loser had to do the dishes every night for the duration of this long holiday weekend. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA girls can be so trusting.

Needless to say, the outcome was preordained and when the winner was announced she got really PISSED OFF! That’s understandable because being who I am I just couldn’t resist rubbing it in by dancing around the living room like a ballerina with a burr stuck in my tutu for about a half-hour after the show……

ROTFLMFAO it was hilarious, altho Barb might tend to differ on that assessment.

Well, I let it go for a while until she told me to NEVER BRING IT UP AGAIN and it was then that I told her the truth about my deception and my lies. It’s a good thing she hasn’t lost her sense of humor and just to show that she’s a good sport about all this she’s making ME pay for the dinner tonight and do the dishes all weekend.

Love and lies. Life ROCKS!