Wednesday, May 21, 2003

More of the usual tripe from The Wolfman:

Here's what worries me so much. So many Americans already have a rather low regard for journalists; so many of our viewers, readers and listeners simply don't trust us. Many of them, according to public opinion polls, believe we have political agendas and biases that taint our reporting. And many of our news consumers, no doubt, suspect we often make things up -- whether to advance a political cause, or settle personal scores, or sell newspapers and increase ratings on television. What has now happened at The New York Times has simply fueled those suspicions.

WHAT!!! Americans don't trust journalists??? When did this happen? I guess we're just lucky that we have CNN and FoxNews around to keep us fully informaed with accurate, unbiased reporting....

Journalism is not a perfect science. It is often referred to as a first draft of history. And as all of you know, a first draft can occasionally be sloppy. Yes, we will make mistakes. But those are unwitting mistakes.

Now wait a minute. Didn't he just get done saying that "what has now happened at The New York Times has simply fueled those suspicions"? I mean, Jason Blair flat out made all those stories up and printed them as facts! However, when CNN makes a mistake, it's an unwitting the Jessica Lynch story, right Wolfie?

Healthy skepicism is critical in doing our job. In my experience, if a story sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. Check and re-check and triple-check those sources. There are people with agendas trying to use us for their own purposes.

That's really some statement coming from a guy who works for the network who spends a great deal of time on it's own pro-Bush agenda.....