Saturday, May 17, 2003

Is there nothing that duct tape won't fix?

After all, experts said, duct tape has always been a popular tool for thugs.

"People have been using duct tape for years," said Vernon Geberth, author of the crime textbook "Practical Homicide Investigation" and a former homicide lieutenant in New York City. "It's very common, it's plentiful, it's efficient."He added that if you tie someone up with duct tape, "they're less apt to get out of it than rope."

"Practical Homicide Investigations". That sounds like a do-it-yourself guide from Time-Life books. It is good to know that duct tape works better than rope for tieing somebody up real good, so I'll just file that away in case one day I need to hogtie my girlfriend. Let's ask some of these folks how "apt" they were to get out of a good taping:

One recent tape tragedy happened last week when Reinaldo Zayas, 25, of Allegheny Avenue near C Street, was found dead in a van in North Philly. He had been stabbed, and his mouth and eyes were concealed by tape. In April in Frankford, cops found the decomposing body of Tyrone Toliver in the trunk of a car wrapped in plastic and bound in duct tape. Toliver, 26, of Cherry Hill, had been shot to death. And in a less deadly crime last month in West Philadelphia, men impersonating FBI agents abducted a 40-year-old man at gunpoint, handcuffed him, put duct tape over his mouth and later released him after a call was made to a friend for "bail money."

Hey that really works! I'll now view my stash of dt with new found respect, but I'll be try to use it for good, not evil:

All in all, perhaps Tim Nyberg of the Duct Tape Guys, a Minnesota-based duo that have written five books about it, says it best: "Duct tape in the wrong hands is a dangerous weapon," he said, "but so is a hand egg-beater."

Quality advice from the experts.