Saturday, May 17, 2003

Order yours today, before Dubya's second term. Why would you want you own personal nuclear bomb shelter? Read on....

In early 1991, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell stressed to Congress that civil war in Russia represents a major threat to the United States. Gen. Powell stated "Whatever the future state may look like, the land of the Czars and Commissars, after all is said and done, will still possess by far the strongest military force on the Eurasian land mass. The Soviet Union, now and in the future will remain the one country capable of destroying the United States in less than 30 minutes."

In 1992 Soviet Foreign Minister Edward Shevardnadze stated "civil war could ignite giant stockpiles of nuclear and chemical weapons. By intent or mistake buttons can be pushed." With the downfall of the Soviet Union, many small countries are now becoming major nuclear superpowers. China, Africa, North Korea, South America, and the Middle East are all developing long range missiles. Keep in mind that it does not require long-range missiles to attack an enemy with a nuclear weapon. In fact, it doesn't require a missile at all. A small nuclear weapon can be carried and delivered in a child's day pack and left to be remotely detonated.

Oh baby! Gimme the Model VP6, because I'm really afraid:

The VP6 is a totally self-contained 15-100 psi ribbed paraboloid (egg shape) underground disaster shelter designed to protect 6 adults for long periods or 10 people for short durations such as during tornadoes. The product was specifically designed and developed to protect people during and after disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, forest fires, power failures, radioactive iodine gas from a nuclear power plant accident, nuclear-biological-chemical terrorism, and a full-scale nuclear-biological-chemical war. The VP6 is classified as a BC (biological and chemical warfare) shelter. If backfilled with crushed stone, it is classified as a LNBC or Limited Nuclear- Biological- Chemical warfare shelter. A tremendous effort has been made to think of every conceivable incident that shelterists could face in the VP6 shelter. Many geometrical shapes were experimented with before finalizing the VP6. The VP6 includes the fiberglass paraboloid structure, fiberglass entranceway, fiberglass composite hatch, HEPA filter, 12 gallon fiberglass septic tank, 125 gallon fiberglass water tank, fiberglass floor, fiberglass counter, fiberglass battery housing, carbon filter housing, toilet, six 12- volt deep cycle batteries, air blower, fiberglass gray water tank, all wiring, all plumbing, etc. The VP6 is shipped completely assembled.

Comes already assembled too. Just dig a deep hole and crawl in.....