Saturday, May 17, 2003

We can finally get the kids involved in national security with the National Missle Defense Coloring Book.

There are groovy pictures of Ronnie Reagan to color in, with an explanation that he "led U.S. efforts to develop missile defenses", and there are a couple of happy, contented people who "like working at the Missile Defense Agency."

But things get tricky when the kids get to the "ground-based midcourse defense" and a drawing of an "interceptor missile." There's a blow-up of the "exoatmospheric kill vehicle" atop the missile. The kids will know what colors to use on that since it looks just like the main machine in Willy Wonky's Chocolate Factory, the one that stamps out the gobstoppers.

If your gonna brainwash 'em, start when they're young.....

[Via BlogLeft]