Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Tom Street over at Bad Attitudes says it all:
World's Worst Press Conference

Cutting through the crap and hubris of last night’s press conference, it has come down to this. According to George Bush, we must stay the course in Iraq because of the need to maintain American credibility.

He should have thought about that before he decided to run for the Presidency, before he decided to go into Iraq. The United States under George W. Bush has absolutely no credibility left. None!

I know he’s working on it, but it just can’t get any worse. We will begin to restore our credibility when John Kerry takes office in January of 2005 and not before. Whatever credibility we used to have has been totally, utterly destroyed.

George, find another reason to stay the course in Iraq. You have not only destroyed our credibility, you continue to endanger our security, which is what this war was supposed to be about.

And George, do yourself, the country and the world a favor. Don’t hold any more press conferences. You proved in your last one, that despite all your praying, God is not on your side. From now on, please just mail it in.