Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Private Intellectual seems a tad perplexed over Sully's latest:
I had some hope that Sullivan might start re-examining his views rather than join the "kill 'em all" faction that is growing at a hearty clip on the Right. To be fair, though, the frankly genocidal tendencies now on display are at least coherent in an evil sort of way, whereas this is demented. For Sullivan, it's always 1917 (or 1939) and every enemy is Lenin (or Hitler). The idea that there is a context of legitimate grievance, however badly understood or poorly acted upon, the idea that Iraqi attitudes are in some small way expressed in reaction to things we do, or that our GOP-dominated CPA and its hand-picked Iraqi Governing Council may appear as less than vanguards of freedom and stability to the Iraqis--none of these possibilities has ever gained the least purchase in Sullivan's mind.

And moreover, his "where is the Czar?" routine with Bush is at this point comical. Bush is not here because, in the unlikely event that he's been given anything close to an accurate picture of the situation in Iraq (remember, he likes to bypass the media "filter"), he has no idea and no plan. Andy, like the Oxbloggers and so many others, is really enamoured of Bush's speechwriting budget rather than Bush himself, whose embarrasing absence now could have been easily predicted by anyone with eyes to see.