Friday, April 09, 2004

Things seem to be spinning completely out of control in Iraq today:

CAIRO ( -- In what may be a repeat of last week's mutilations of four dead U.S. mercenaries, foreign media is reporting that some Iraqis have taken to beating the unidentified corpses of the nine dead men in today's resistance attack on a U.S. convoy.

Reuters reported that one Iraqi man was beating the body of a dead man whose face was bloodied. "At the scene of the convoy attack, a dead foreigner lay on the road with a bloody head as an Iraqi beat him," reported Reuter's Alistair Lyon.

Reuters also reported that up to six foreigners were taken captive in Abu Ghraib. There are reports that two are Italian and the rest American. Iraqi sources said they found a cache of weapons, including a sniper rifle, in the six foreigners' possession.

Al Jazeerah confirmed that U.S. forces had indeed broken the ceasfire as an F-18 aerial bombardment preceded a U.S. Marine move into western entrance to Fallujah. Al Jazeerah TV showed a young boy with half his stomach torn out and several children wailing as doctors removed shrapnel from their heads.

Unable to cover the violations committed by their forces in Fallujah, U.S. General Kimmit accused Al Jazeerah of lying and claimed the F-18 fired on Fallujah in self-defense.

Al Jazeerah correspondent Ahmad Mansour claimed at 1pm EST that U.S. forces fired on his camera crew as they were filming events, forcing their retreat to safer quarters.

Thirty-three ambulances have arrived from Baghdad, Iraqi sources have said, but some came under U.S. sinper fire.

In Cairo, demonstrators chanted "America take your democracy and go to hell." Similar sentiments echoed in Palestine, Jordan, and Syria.

No other reports of US casulties, but I'm guessing the WaPo will be adding a few more names and pictures to it's list later today.....