Monday, April 12, 2004

Adam at BlueGrassRoots pens a little love note to Chimpy:
Dear W:

What the hell are we going to do now?

I mean seriously man, this is what it comes down to: A pile of bullshit.

You made up a bunch of bullshit so that we'd all go along with you and invade Iraq. Yes Saddam was a bad man. Yes he killed a lot of people. (For more information on how he got to be such a bad guy, ask your dad and Donald Rumsfeld). Yes I think we'd all agree that we'd rather not have him around. But the fact remains that you lied and now you're covering it up. How can you keep a straight face when you talk about this?

I don't know what your motivations truly were. Maybe you truly wanted to help the people of Iraq. Maybe you wanted to expand American access to Iraqi oil-fields and got caught up with all of those neo-con Washington folks who seriously thought that if we invaded Iraq, the people would welcome us as liberators, immediately embrace democracy and there'd be a domino effect in the middle east. Maybe you we're just pissed off that Saddam tried to kill your dad.

Honestly, I think it was a mix of all three. But you shouldn't have lied about it to get us there. And you shouldn't be so pissed off now that we're all finding out about it. It's not your God-given right to be president. You serve us - and only as long as we tell you you can.

When all this crap is said and done it isn't going to be your children dead in the ground and it isn't going to be your children who are unemployed and suffering under the tremendous weight of trillions of dollars in debt. You'll go back to Texas to consult for some oil companies and run a couple more businesses into the ground. Yeah I'm really sorry for that Iraq thing. My mistake. Ooops, gotta run, it's tee time.

Our form of government is designed the way it is specifically because we don't trust our leaders. We don't trust our leaders when they say "trust me because I know best." Why? Because history has shown that leaders who say that are usually using taxpayer money in a way we wouldn't approve of: Reagan (contras), Numerous presidents (vietnam)...

You lied to get us there because you were so freaking sure that you knew what you were doing. All your oil-exec insiders were telling you that this was a great idea. The fact is - you were wrong and no amount of lies or bullshit will get you out of this one.

But that brings me back to my original point: What the hell are we going to do now?

We've already lost 600 soldiers. We've killed God knows how many Iraqis. We've spent well over $100 billion, and there's no way that we can pull out anytime soon without 1) looking really stupid 2) leaving Iraq to civil war. You've already managed to convince the world's Muslim population that we're out to get them.

Thanks dumbass.

Now we've got the Shiites - the very people you said would love to be liberated by us - and the Sunni's - the people you say 'just don't get it' all fighting us on the streets. One group is motivated by religious fervor, the other pissed because we locked up sugar-daddy.

How do you propose to get us out of this one? Honestly I don't know what the hell we can do.

I think we're stuck there. We've got a responsibility to get the place onto its feet and it's going to take thousands of American lives and billions more American dollars to do it. The world isn't going to help us with this one.

Why? Because they knew enough to say "hell no." They didn't believe your pile of lies.

Thanks W...