Sunday, May 25, 2003

Today in Baghdad:

Iraqi soldiers complained bitterly today of the allies' plans to disband the country's armed forces, with some threatening to take up arms against occupying American and British troops unless their salaries were continued. About 50 Iraqi soldiers marched to one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces here in this southern city to air their grievances. They were turned away without incident by heavily armed British soldiers at the front gate. Similar complaints were raised by soldiers in Baghdad.

"If they don't pay us, we'll start problems," said Lt. Col. Ahmed Muhammad, 41, a 25-year navy veteran based in Basra and a leader of the disgruntled Iraqi soldiers. "We have guns at home. If they don't pay us, if they make our children suffer, they'll hear from us."

This could become a problem for US troops. So, what has Chimpco decided to do about it?:

In Baghdad today, the American military issued an order giving Iraqis three weeks to hand in any automatic and heavy weapons they have. "After June 14, individuals caught with unauthorized weapons will be detained and face criminal charges," the order said. Iraqis will still be allowed to have pistols, shotguns and some other light firearms.

Ok so you can keep the handguns and the shotguns, but ya gotta fork over the rocket launchers. Makes perfect sense to me. I wish them luck trying to enforce this new ordanance in a country where everybody probably has an AK-47 in the closet....