Thursday, April 24, 2003

Just a little something from the far left.

"The New York Times reports that George W. Bush will spend $200 million on his campaign for election in 2004, and employ the use of 3000 Americans murdered by terrorists on 9/11 as human shields against opponents' focus on the failed Bush economy."

"The plan, according to the Times, is to hold the 2004 GOP convention as close in time as possible to the commemorative events surrounding the third anniversary of the September 2001 attacks, in order to maximize the benefits of exploiting the victims of those horrific attacks by claiming their deaths ushered in a need to advance the Bush Regime's radical right-wing domestic agenda and insane foreign policy agenda."

"For two years, George W. Bush has destroyed the most fundamental American values at home, as well as waged wars that reward campaign contributors but benefit terrorists worldwide. If that were not enough, he has done it all in the name of those tragic victims who lost their lives in September 2001."

"But the deceased cannot stop Bush from declaring them martyrs for this unelected, out of control regime's power ambitions. It's up to New Yorkers and Americans around the country, who must organize en masse in that city at convention time, and speak up for their fellow Americans and New Yorkers who can no longer speak for themselves. They must forcefully oppose this morally bankrupt, un-American regime that continues to crassly and disgracefully exploit victims of anti-American terrorists."

One of these days this country will stop basing it's foreign policy on what happened in New York City a year and a half ago, but I doubt very seriously that the Bush Admin is going to let us forget. A scared populace is a compliant populace......