Wednesday, April 23, 2003

US troops caught liberating more than just Iraqi citizens:

"US military detectives have begun investigating five US troops for the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from an Iraqi money cache, a commanding officer said today."

"US troops have recovered more than $US600 million ($A967.9 million) from hiding places near Saddam Hussein's palace complexes in central Baghdad, said Lieutenant Colonel Philip DeCamp, commander of the 4th Battalion, 64th Infantry Regiment."

"But along the way, US troops apparently tried to stash hundreds of thousands of dollars, in $US100 bills, for themselves, DeCamp said."

"We've recovered just about all the money we thought was taken, we're still looking into it," DeCamp said."

"US troops stumbled over several aluminum cases filled with $US100 bills in an empty house on Monday and officers estimated the total worth at more than $US500 million ($A806.58 million). When looking into the containers, it became obvious that someone had taken hundreds of thousands of dollars, and officers began looking for that money."

First Fox News, now the US Army gets caught stealing the wealth of Iraq. Can oil be far behind?