Monday, April 28, 2003

Hey while we're about bombing the bejesus out of Third World countries and overthrowing brutal, remorseless, mass-murderer type dictators, all in our National Interest of course, how's about we save a few ALCM's and fly them up this guy's butt:

Idi Amin - once known as the "Butcher of Uganda" - has lived quietly in Saudi Arabia since his overthrow in 1979.

I get the warm fuzzies deep inside when I think that one of our closest "allies" has been sheltering this scumbag for 24 years, all the while knowing he is responsible for slaughtering +/- 300,000 human beings, give or take a few thousand.

Looks like his son, Hajji Ali, is bucking for the new Iraqi Information Minister job, which just opened up:

Hajji Ali, says, "He has done nothing. My father is completely innocent."

The Skeptic is speachless........