Monday, April 28, 2003

This time, absotively, posilutely, US troops find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq:

The mobile labs were definitely "not labs," Captain Cutchin said. The vehicles MET Bravo found were "probably for decontamination or some kind of fuel filling, consistent with the rockets found at the site," he said.

DAMN!! And my local Fox News station assured me that this was IT, the SMOKING GUN had been FOUND!!!! Why else would they have missiles on that site but to protect the chems, said they....

No problem. We have the best military in the world with the best equiped teams out sniffing around to find dem bad, bad WMD's, right?

But team members who asked not to be identified said the MET's lack almost everything. Vehicles to take the teams to suspect sites are in short supply. Helicopters are often grounded by weather and poor maintenance. The teams have repeatedly requested radios to communicate with one another, which they still do not have, and there are no systems through which they can file encrypted reports from the field.

Oh dear. Well I'm sure they'll have it all worked out before we invade Syria.......