Monday, April 28, 2003

Where, oh where, has our little Shrub gone?

George Bush, Jr. will never be confused with the totally confused Ronald Reagan, The Great Communcator himself, but I find it a little odd that Dubya hasn’t made a speech to the Nation after his “victory” in Iraq. The only time I’ve seen him on the tube lately has been when he gave a speech to an armed forces group (with the troops standing behind him, naturally) a couple weeks ago, or the speech in Ohio last week.

I mean, we’ve gone from war to taxes to gay bashing and he hasn’t said one public word about Iraq. He hasn’t even mentioned those looted national archives and museums in Baghdad, much less apologized for it. So far, he’s let Donald Shock and General Awe do all the talking.

If he’s supposed to be this great leader, shouldn’t he be on national television giving us some kind of update as to how things are going in Iraq, and where we’ll be going from here? I would think that he’d be simply full of gloat and smirk right now, and wild horses couldn’t keep him off the air to explain to his rapt audience what a wonderful job he did smashing up another country and bringing democracy to those desert heathens, even if a couple hundred thousand Iraqi’s are too dead to hear him.

Now, I’m not really complaining because he usually loses me right after the “My fellow Americans” part and I’ve gotten into turning the sound down when he talks. In keeping with the Presidential Theme I slip a Dead Kennedy cd into my player and turn it up REAL LOUD, because he always says basically the same thing over and over anyway, so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything thing important.

Not that he ever says anything important……

I’m guessing he’s going to wait until some WMD turn up, then he’ll ring up the networks and deliver his Victory Speech just to remind us that he was RIGHT and the rest of us were WRONG, and maybe let us know that his daughters haven’t been arrested in a while…….