Friday, May 07, 2004

And now for a completely different view of AbuGate:
LIMBAUGH: All right, so we?re at war with these people. And they?re in a prison where they?re being softened up for interrogation. And we hear that the most humiliating thing you can do is make one Arab male disrobe in front of another. Sounds to me like it?s pretty thoughtful. Sounds to me in the context of war this is pretty good intimidation ? and especially if you put a woman in front of them and then spread those pictures around the Arab world. And we?re sitting here, ?Oh my God, they?re gonna hate us! Oh no! What are they gonna think of us?? I think maybe the other perspective needs to be at least considered. Maybe they?re gonna think we are serious. Maybe they?re gonna think we mean it this time. Maybe they?re gonna think we?re not gonna kowtow to them. Maybe the people who ordered this are pretty smart. Maybe the people who executed this pulled off a brilliant maneuver. Nobody got hurt. Nobody got physically injured. But boy there was a lot of humiliation of people who are trying to kill us ? in ways they hold dear. Sounds pretty effective to me if you look at us in the right context.

I'm astounded that nobody thought of that before. Torture is a GOOD THING and The Arabs will respect us for it, much like the repect we feel for Saddam when HE was torturing people in the same prison. I can't wait to see what Hillbilly Heroin Boy has to say when the SecDeaf releases the prison snuff films.

Hat tip: American Assembler.

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