Sunday, June 15, 2003

Seems that everybody but the Americans are a tad upset about the lies and deceptions over the WMD "evidence":

Messrs Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld and Howard continue to cling with varying degrees of desperation to the hope that somehow, somewhere, Saddam's weapons of mass destruction will turn up. We will, I suspect, be waiting a long time - indeed, probably in vain - for anything resembling an apology from any of them. (Mr Rumsfeld, for one, has already dug himself a bolt hole: that bizarrely and inexplicably, Saddam may have destroyed the weapons of mass destruction just before the invasion.)

I think we need to take a leaf from their book and give them all a deadline to come up with the goods. If by, let's say, the end of June they haven't produced anything, they will be in material breach of the obligations inherent in their offices of trust.

Well, so much for credibility in whatever the Bushies have to say next. Some of the comments from that article:

"Sorry, we were duped" isn't going to cut it on this one, minister. At best, you were wilfully ignorant of the truth. At worst, you, and the Prime Minister, deliberately misled the Australian people. Either way you defied the public will and committed Australian troops, as aggressors, into a conflict that we never wanted."

"Remember Mr Wilkie? He resigned from a senior position in the Federal Government's intelligence-gathering organisation before the coalition invaded Iraq because he believed the intelligence collected did not justify going to war. It now appears that the Defence Minister, Robert Hill, is starting to agree with him."

"Now that it is becoming known that the US lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, how is Mr Howard going to rationalise his support for the invasion? It is noticeable that since the invasion and "winning" of the war, there has been little comment from the Government about the justification for invasion. Is this going to go the same way as the "children overboard", the "terrorist" boat people and all the other lies this Government has told? Where is the accountability of this Government to the Australian people? Does accountability exist any more?

We should be asking the same questions here in The States. Loudly.