Sunday, June 15, 2003

It's been hard not to notice Bill Clinton's sudden re-appearance onto the media stage. I wonder why?

Disgraced in presidential office but redeemed in retirement as one of America's most popular politicians, Bill Clinton appears set to run for the only appointment that New Yorkers really care about - the mayor of their own city.
Amid furious rumours, encouraged by the multi-billionaire Republican incumbent, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the stage seems set for one of the most gripping mayoral races in the city's memory.

Bloomberg himself fanned the flames this weekend, gracing Clinton's potential candidacy with a statement saying that Bloomberg 'fully expected' to win re-election in 2005, whether or not Clinton were to run.

'I welcome lots of competition,' said Bloomberg, whose popularity ratings hit an all-time record low this week.

Expectation that Clinton would run was also heightened by the comments of former Democratic mayor Ed Koch. Speaking on CNN yesterday, he said he 'very much' hoped Clinton would stand for office, leading off solid backing from New York's famous and muscular Democratic party machine.

Speculation was heightened further still by the comments of the man otherwise likely to run for the Democrats, a powerful local politician called Gifford Miller, who says he would stand down if Clinton were to run.

'I don't think you could be a lot more qualified than having served as President of the United States,' said Gifford, 'He has done a phenomenal job for our country - so, if Bill Clinton wants to run for mayor, I'll support him.'

Most New Yorkers believe the vote is a foregone conclusion - that Clinton could only win by a landslide if he chose to stand.