Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Doesn't anybody in the Bush regime listen?

In the months before the Iraq war the Pentagon ignored repeated warnings that it would need a substantial military police force ready to deploy after the invasion to provide law and order in the postwar chaos, US government advisers and analysts said yesterday. Some 4,000 US military police are now being deployed in Baghdad, but only after most Iraqi government services have been crippled by a wave of looting and arson.

The anarchy and crime in the Iraqi streets was predicted by several panels of former ambassadors, soldiers and peacekeeping experts, who advised the Pentagon and the White House while the invasion was being planned. They urged that lessons be learned from previous US-led military interventions and a post-conflict police force be established before the war.

The current chaos in Iraq (the chaos that Chimpco was sure wouldn't happen) was avoidable if this Administration had been paying attention. This is what happens when you only listen to those in your close circle of ideologues.