Saturday, June 26, 2004

Hey, Jude. Don't let me down:
I`m sure you read the NYTimes story this morning from Beijing, "U.S. Cites Scant Progress in Nuclear Talks With North Korea. It notes Senator Kerry`s position that the U.S. should "engage in intensive, bilateral discussions with North Korea in addition to the six-party talks, and has criticized the Bush administration for being slow to enter serious negotiations." I agree with this position, but if you look at the last paragraph of the article by Joseph Kahn you should realize the administration is still not serious about negotiations with Pyongyang: "During the talks, North Korea repeatedly denied using uranium enrichment to make nuclear fuel in addition to its acknowledged plutonium program. The United States said that no deal could be reached unless North Korea admitted to having two methods to make nuclear fuel."

In other words, the Bush administration is willing to bend over backwards to come to a diplomatic agreement with North Korea... as long as it confesses to having a hidden program to develop highly-enriched uranium (HEU) that it insists it does not have, and for which there is no evidence. Yes, James Kelly, who leads the American delegation in the six-party talks, awhile back said a North Korean delegate told him at a cocktail party that his country had an HEU program, but the government immediately disputed the story that Kelly fed to the NYTimes. Our intelligence agencies have yet to locate evidence of an HEU program and wouldn`t know where to look for one if they were invited to search high and low, the way Saddam Hussein invited the CIA last year. North Korea -- supported by its neighbors in Seoul and Beijing -- has indicated it would be willing to rejoin the Non-Proliferation regime and permit U.N. inspectors to come look high and low, but not unless they get iron-clad assurances

That`s right, our good old Uncle Sam has been acting in bad faith toward North Korea for a long, long time, preferring to keep it as "an enemy" rather than work things out with them, as their neighbors clearly would like to do. Here is a memo I posted here last November 6 that goes over the recent history in support of my contention. The neo-con intellectuals in the Pentagon and their stooges in the State Department need to have "enemies," or their plans for an American Empire with military outposts throughout the world dissolve. They really don`t want the U.N.`s IAEA inspectors back into North Korea, you surely understand, because the inspectors will find no HEU program, just as they did not want UN inspectors back into Iraq, knowing they would find no weapons of mass destruction. Diabolical little jokers, aren`t they?

Jude Wanniski