Wednesday, August 20, 2003

"W. Hoca" over at The Big Picnic gives us the scoop on how the new, improved VICTORY Act gets it's name:
Hello, Big Picnic readers. I first became a household name after coming up with the USA PATRIOT act (Uniting and Strenghtening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) and I still think it's some of my best work. Today, however, I'm happy introduce my latest project, the VICTORY act. It all started one day when John (or Att. Gen. Ashcroft I should say) and I were talking. He said to me, "Ine Jesus, on ├ży ylcan gere worhte se foresprecena here geweorc, Lorde." And I replied, of course I'll come up with a new acronym, John!

Inside- See How It Transpires

A common question I get is, shouldn't an acronym describe what it's naming? Not necessarily! The 2003 Acronym Committee for Responsibility in Objectively Naming Your Motions rule book states in sec. A, paragraph iii: Properly utilized acronyms either accurately describe what they are naming, or cleverly describe the opposite so as to confuse and conceal [emphasis added]. Obviously, this second approach is what we are going for, since I can't very well name John's laws the OPPRESION act (Onerously Probing People in a Really Excruciatingly Snoopy and Invasively Omnipotent Nature) could I?