Saturday, July 26, 2003

In light of the just released 9-11 Report I thought I'd remind everybody of Greg Palast's interview with Alex Jones this Spring. It has a lot of interesting revelations about what might NOT be in the 9-11 Report:

Greg Palast: Yeah, well there’s a few. One of the stories that I broke on BBC television was that before September 11th, FBI agents and CIA agents told BBC television that they were blocked from investigating certain members of the bin Laden family in America who were tied to suspect terrorist organizations. And that they could not investigate Saudi Arabian funding of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. And they were very frustrated that they could not do this investigation before September11th. The other documents showing the investigations were, some of them were permitted to go forward beginning September 13th, 2001. And I have to say, I don’t know whether George Bush had any knowledge or pre-knowledge of September 11th or any of that, but what I was investigating though was why were the intelligence agencies told to stay away. And I want to give you a piece of information, Alex, which some is in the new book and some will be on your show for the first time today.

One of the things I am very concerned about, BBC learned about from two completely separate sources – is about a meeting in June of 1996 in Paris between Saudi Arabian billionaires, international arms dealers and the finance arm of al Qaeda. And there was a discussion about how much the Saudis would pay to al Qaeda and these other so-called charities that were really fronts for terrorist organizations. My view is that the Saudis were going to pay off these guys to get out of Saudi Arabia. That was the month that nineteen American servicemen were killed in Saudi Arabia when al Qaeda blew up the Khobar Towers. The nineteen American servicemen were dead and so the Saudis, rather than to go after these guys, said we’ll write them a big check and tell them to go play in Afghanistan. And I was wondering why the intelligence agents were not free, were not free by the Bush Administration, to really to go after that source of funding. You know the old rule of investigation is follow the money. If you can’t look at Osama bin Laden’s piggy bank and you can’t check out his checking account, you are not going to know what he’s up to. So I found out who was at the meeting. And one guy at the meeting, according to two separate sources is a rich Saudi named Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh, at least is how it is spelled in English.

Alex Jones: And was involved in Harken back in the 70s.

GP: Boy are you – you’ve got a good memory. You know exactly what it comes from. This guy was supposedly in this meeting about funding al Qaeda. What we also know is that when George W. Bush was in the oil business, he made millions in the oil business but he never struck oil. But he seemed to strike the pockets of several Saudi Sheikhs. Every time he had an oil venture going south, he had one called Arbusto and another called Spectrum – finally those were bought up by Harken Oil. A Gulf Sheikh would come in and put up the money to pull George W. out of the financial fire. And it was Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh who was the big money helping to refinance Harken Oil and save George W. from, basically from bankruptcy in the oil business. So this is the guy - you know when our president says there are thousands of people out there trying to kill us and people supporting terror, he might want to look at some of his own business partners.

AJ: Isn’t he one of the richest people in Saudi Arabia – and also bin Laden’s older brother was involved in it too right here in Texas.

GP: Well, you know he did have – I haven’t been able to get the information on the Texas story. You may have more information on that. What I was concerned about is that there are two members of the bin Laden family in Washington, D.C. and Virginia Falls, which overlooks the Pentagon. And Abdullah and Omar bin Laden – now you have to be careful, there are lots of Abdullahs and there are lots of Omar bin Ladens. Remember Osama has 52 brothers and sisters. That’s quite a family. So not all of them with the name bin Laden or even Abdullah are suspect. But these two guys and you have this on your program because this was from the FBI document 199I which is a national security secret document which the agents basically dropped off for us because they were upset that they couldn’t investigate these guys. And they were fronting an organization called WAMY which sounds very nice - the World Assembly of Muslim Youth – and they do actually support little baseball teams and basketball teams and that type of thing. But I thought some of their films for training camps for kids were basically recruitment for suicide bombings, recruitment for Jihad. And this was going on Florida, by the way. And now it turns out that a member of this organization, headed at one point by the bin Ladens and by the Saudi Royal family, turns out to be the conduit for the tapes of Osama bin Laden to al Jazeera television. A guy was just arrested in Somalia from WAMY. This is the organization that the FBI wanted to investigate and they were told, “Back off.” And we have to be concerned about is whether – I’m very concerned about whether the Bush family’s finances are prejudicing their view of how to conduct foreign policy, how to handle the intelligence....