Thursday, July 10, 2003

All lies, all the time. Read all these and you'll get totally caught up:

White House 'warned over Iraq claim'.

WMDs unlikely to be found.

Bush Charge on Iraq Arms Had Doubters, House Told.

An insider steps up:
A former US intelligence official who served under the Bush administration in the build-up to the Iraq war accused the White House yesterday of lying about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein.
The claims came as the Bush administration was fighting to shore up its credibility among a series of anonymous government leaks over its distortion of US intelligence to manufacture a case against Saddam.

This was the first time an administration official has put his name to specific claims. The whistleblower, Gregory Thielmann, served as a director in the state department's bureau of intelligence until his retirement in September, and had access to the classified reports which formed the basis for the US case against Saddam, spelled out by President Bush and his aides.

Mr Thielmannn said yesterday: "I believe the Bush administration did not provide an accurate picture to the American people of the military threat posed by Iraq."

He conceded that part of the problem lay with US intelligence, but added: "Most of it lies with the way senior officials misused the information they were provided."

Bush Defends War, Sidestepping Issue of Faulty Intelligence.

Bush Reverts to Liberal Rationale for Iraq War.

All spin, all the time.

Bush's use of faulty info on Iraq raises concerns.