Friday, June 27, 2003

You can't spell qwagmire without W:

BAGHDAD, June 26 -- Occupation forces in Iraq were struck today by a wave of ambushes that killed at least one American, as escalating attacks also appeared to be targeting Iraqis who have supported the U.S. presence.

One U.S. Special Operations soldier was killed and eight other troops were wounded in Baghdad in one of at least three attacks on U.S. forces in the city. A military spokeswoman here was unable to provide details on the attack that led to the death of the soldier.

At least 18 U.S. military personnel have been killed in attacks since President Bush declared the end of major hostilities in Iraq on May 1, and there have been dozens of other ambushes. U.S. and sympathetic Iraqi officials expressed concern today that an increasingly organized and well-armed resistance movement is beginning to coalesce around remnants of the former government's security apparatus.

"It's being planned and being planned well by small groups," a U.S. official said. "But we don't see a real command-and-control structure."