Friday, May 30, 2003

Let's have a look at things since George W. Bush was selected President in 2000:

Unemployment Increases to Eight-Year High

Tax Cuts, Economy Push Federal Deficit to Record Highs

Bush Withholds Information About State Funding, as States' Deficits Continue to Rise

Bush's Proposed Tax Cuts Will Decrease Federal Revenues

CBO Forecasts Increases in Deficit

Bush Placing Faith, Country's Future in Economic Theory His Dad Mocked as "Voodoo Economics"

Bush Devotes $89 Billion to Higher-Income and Healthy Workers, Shortchanges Uninsured Children

Bush Rewards Wealthiest One Percent with More Tax Cuts Than Bottom 60 Percent Combined

Bush Attempts to Give Tax Breaks Worth Hundreds of Millions to Corporations

White House Supports Bill That Would Result in Forced Overtime Without Pay for More Employees

Bush Proposal Would Have Given CIA and Military New Domestic Powers

White House Spokesperson Calls Gay-Bashing Senator an "Inclusive Man"

Bush Wants Judicial Filibusters Banned After Failing to Get His Way With Estrada Nomination

Changes to Medicaid, Medicare Would Be a Boon to Industry, Detrimental to Beneficiaries

Bush Administration Seeks to Exempt Pentagon from Environmental Laws

With the Elections Over, Bush & Co. Abandon Plans to Provide Prescription Drug Coverage to All Seniors

Bush's Faith-Based Legislation Discriminates against Gays, Infringes on Separation of Church and State

Security Bill Keeps Goodies for Bush Allies

Bush Shamelessly Uses Federal Government to Get Republicans Elected

Cheney, Bush & Co. Refuse to Release Energy Task Force Documents

Bush Gives $25 Million to Religious Groups

Dubya Changes Scientific Advisory Committees to Make Sure Science Is On His Side of the Issues

Administration Refuses Developing Nations Access to Low-Cost Medicines

Decline in World Opinion of U.S. Policy Coincides with Bush Government

Administration Opposes Measures to Increase Renewable Energy

Administration Opposes Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Administration Underfunds AIDS Fund, Weakens AIDS Negotiations

United States Boycotts Conference on Racism

United States Booted off Human Rights Body

Administration Abandons Crackdown on Tax Havens

Bush Judicial Nominee Called Gays "Queers"

Bush Names Extremist Who Called AIDS "Gay Plague" to AIDS Panel

Administration Officials: Show of American Power Was Reason for War

White House Blocks Sept. 11 Report

'Coalition of the Willing' Includes Countries with Appalling Human Rights Records

Companies with Ties to Administration, Republican Donors Considered for Iraq Post-War Rebuilding Contracts

Weapons Inspector Chief: U.S. Government Used Forged Evidence Against Iraq

CIA, FBI Agents Baffled by Administration's Attempts to Link Iraq, al Qaeda

Bush Steps Up Involvement in Colombian Civil War

Bush Withholds Information about North Korean Threat

Bush Makes False and Misleading Statements about Iraqi Threat

Bush Administration Continues to Alienate Allies

Relatives of Sept. 11 Victims Criticize Administration

Ashcroft Criticized for Politicizing Justice Department Hiring Process

Ashcroft Wins Broad Powers to Spy on Citizens

Ashcroft Hides Behind Sept. 11 to Trample Civil Liberties

Administration Withdraws Funding for Family Planning

Bush Administration Tries Underhandedly to Designate Fetuses as Persons

Bush lies about aircraft carrier landing

Bush creates stringent proof requirements for earned-income tax credit recipients

Bush privatizes federal jobs

Bush exempts oil and gas industries from clean water regulations

Bush lies about economists' support for his tax plan

Bush proposes a tax break for the biggest SUV's

Bush implements faith-based initiative without Congressional approval

Bush makes it easier for timber companies to plunder national forests

Bush dismisses report from his own administration on global warming

Bush asks Brazilian president if there are any blacks in Brazil

Bush restricts Freedom of Information Act requests

Is a 50 state sweep coming in 2004? I don't think so........